ePin Dealership

Buy in bulk & Sell for great gain

ePin Dealership is very profitable.
@ least .5M Naira capital base required.

Wholesales & Quick Business.

The objective of this initiative is to enlist willing and capable DSI Premium Memmbers in the mission of providing ePin Services in their locality. At DSI we believe our members can bolster their income when they take advantage of DSI Platform Resources to provide veritable services to their clients.

Company of Professionals

Regardless of your side of the divide; we are working professionally to secure your investments just as we are working to protect your ideas and business interest.


The higher you go the better it becomes.
Bronze Dealership
associate dealer
Capped @
Business Opportunity
Gold Dealership
investment dealer
Capped @
Exclusive Priviledges
Subsidised Rates
Diamond Dealership
franchise dealer
Capped @
Exclusive Privileges & Maximum ROI
Highly Subsidised Rates

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