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Streamlined Electronic School Management

Education system outlines the backbone of every nation and technology can play a very crucial role in streamlining the whole system of education management. Exploring the technological approach to education, managing education processes and strengthening acquaintance amongst students, staff, parents, and the school management becomes essential for today’s fast growing learning environment. While there is the need to have adequate, real-time access to education data for effective planning, development and transformation, schools also need to manage more information than ever before for greater efficiency and better performance. Without a solid and robust internal infrastructure to collect, process and share data, critical information can be lost, or worse- communicated incorrectly – leading to a host of problems that can affect the standard of education. For school administrators to continue to provide all essential requirements for a sustainable and efficient school system, they need access to accurate and up-to-date data which will help in generating real-time information that will aid effective planning and decision making. In the same light, to remain competitive, schools need an integrated solution that can run individual functions, connect their entire operations, use the web as a key communication tool and simplify day-to-day operational responsibilities, while providing parents easy access towards interacting with the school administration for monitoring pupil’s academic performances, making enquiries and payment of fees from anywhere and at any time. The educational landscape is changing and it is heartwarming that, schools all over the world are taking advantage of advancement in technology and becoming well equipped to face the dynamics of the changing times. SEMIS (Schools and Education Management Information System), is the platform through which we will help your business, with your cooperation, get prepared and exposed to the importance and application of structured ICT for efficient education management. This project is expected to usher in a new paradigm in the collection, analysis, storage, retrieval and sharing of data, while at the same ensuring effective parent-student-teacher interactions. The objective of this initiative is to enlist willing and capable DSI Premium Members in the mission of providing pretertiary school management consultancy service to willing educational establishments who are desirous of taking advantage of the opportunities available with SEMIS to improve efficiency in their day-to-day schools management operations. At DSI we believe our members can bolster their income when they take advantage of DSI Platform resources to provide veritable services to their clients.

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