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Synergy Power Multipurpose CICS
Is Providing You Access to One Percent Interest Loans

Synergy Power Multipurpose CICS is a cooperative society for DSI members. Synergy loan makes it easy for Nigerian entrepreneurs to obtain loans in a quick, transparent and efficient environment. The major benefit of obtaining loans from Synergy is that it only attracts a 1% monthly interest. So far, this is the best interest rate in Nigeria.

To obtain loans from Synergy Power, you need to have 25% contribution of any amount you need as loan in your DSI account; you really don't need to provide audited financial statements or collateral. Depending on the size of the loan, the repayment plan can run from 4 to 6 months.

Kindly note that all applications undergo an on-site assessment by one of our lending staff prior to a committee decision.

Are you interested? Simply come pick up a loan form at any of our locations, our most friendly loan officers are waiting for you.

Please note that Synergy Power is a cooperative society and Synergy loan is only for DSI members.

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Regardless of your side of the divide; we are working professionally to secure your interests.

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